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I love being an NZTA certified driving instructor. I’ve been instructing for seven years now and find it incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.  I have 4 young adult kids of my own who keep me firmly grounded in the world of teenagers and it also helps provide the motivation I need to not only train people to obtain their license but also develop quality safe drivers that can enjoy a lifetime of good motoring.  I get a kick out of instructing a certain skill and seeing the development of the person in their abilities and confidence.  I’m really patient and calm when instructing and work hard to make the whole journey of learning to drive an enjoyable and safe one. I tailor my lessons to the individual’s needs, seeking to ensure a complete set of driving skills is reached.

I have an brand new, automatic, hybrid Toyota Yaris for lessons if required. Yes, I'm doing my bit for climate change!  

In my spare time I work on farms milking cows and working for LIC as an AB technician.  But when I’m not working I love going tramping – the more remote the better. It's either that or chilling with mates doing fun stuff that involves adrenaline.


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